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Finance And Accounting Services You Can Rely On

We provide outsourcing finance and accounting services to support our client’s business operations. Our deep expertise and years of experience can help you manage your transactions and chart of accounts.

Dedicated & Reliable

Dedicated quality services by exceeding the highest client expectations, and always reliable
management accounting tasks

Professional & Experienced

Experienced, professional and trained staff to ensure accurate, relevance, consistent and
punctually outputs


Tailored to the client’s needs, we provide flexible staffing and tasks. to increase capacity during peak monthly periods and decrease it during slower periods

What we Do

Financial and Accounting
Outsource Services

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

Our financial analysis services provide the proper information, regarding the efficiency, profitability, cashflow and stability of your company.

Cash Flow Management Services

With us you receive trusted and effective cash flow management services, that affect and impact your business’s performance on a continuous basis.

Payroll Services

We have the capability to provide precise and on time payroll services, which are designed to meet your company’s requirements.


1: Establishing Contacts

– Submit us your request through email/form
– Our Sales Team calls/e-mails you within 24 hrs

2: Understanding the requirements

– Understanding your needs
– Making a proposal
– Taking your approval
– Taking the details of your requirements
– Execution of the pilot project

3: Agreement Process

– Offer Confirmation
– Signing the Agreement
– Signing the confidentiality document

4: Project Implementation

– Executing and managing the project
– Transparence updated reporting at any given time
– Keeping you up to date and on track
– Feedback on regular basis

Contact Us

Get a partner for all your accounting and financial needs! A team of professionals is always available at your service.

+355 67 20 40 640

Street of Bogdanve, Build 4/1, Tirana, Albania

M-F: 8am-5pm, S-S: Closed