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db8, 2g, 8w, 7, v, 8, 0cq, 1s, gna, Services | 2RM Accounting


Individual & Corporates Accounting and Financial Services

Time Saving

Reduce Costs


  • Bookkeeping and Accounting Services
  • Invoice Processing Services
  • Financial Analysis Services
  • Cash Flow Management Services
  • Payroll Services
  • New Business Advisor

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services


A great accounting service is possible through accurate and timely bookkeeping services. Hiring a professional accounting service for your company will make your its financial aspect more reliable. Assistance of well skilled professionals is necessary in accounting, is essential for any business whether it is small or large. Affordable Prices.


* Day to day Bookkeeping
* Bank /Credit Card Reconciliations
* Payroll Services
* Regular Reporting
* Accounts Payable and Receivable
* Debtor Management
* Online Bill Payments
* Cash Flow Management
* Budgeting

Invoice Processing Services

Invoicing processing solutions are fundamental regarding to your company's future, since
the incorrect invoicing services significantly impact your bottom-line with your customers. We provide high quality assistance to make it easier for you to outsource invoice processing solutions to us and eliminate the possibility for misunderstandings between your company and your clients.


* Obtaining scanned invoices from the client
* Indexing of Documents
* Invoice & purchase order matching
* Auditing and reconciliation of scanned invoices
* Extracting data from header or line items
* Manual and automated data entry
* Generating extensive reports

Financial Analysis Services


Financial analysis is crucial in obtaining an understanding of your company’s performance and suitability. Our financial analysis services provide the proper information, regarding the efficiency, profitability, cashflow and stability of your company. With us you have flexible staffing levels as per business request.


* Statement of corporate expense
* Analyzing the month and annual financial statement
* Analyzing the expense spending for the assets
* Analyzing the yearly product sales whether loose or gain
* Analyzing industrial reports
* Analyzing the auditor report by cross checking
* Monthly expense for the employee’s care
* Analyzing the expenses for a company
* Financial analysis like ratio analysis, NPV and IRR analysis, break-even analysis, payback analysis for investments.

Cash Flow Management Services


It is becoming more and more difficult for companies to maintain internally healthy cash flow position. With us you receive trusted and effective cash flow management services, that affect and impact your business’s performance on a continuous basis. You will be free from managing daily routine cash flow, by having more time to focus back on acquiring new clients and maintaining excellent stakeholder relationships.


* Daily Cash Flow (inflows and outflows) Report Maintenance (Tracking Sales,
Deposits, Expenses)
* Accounts Payables and Receivables
* Credit Card Report Reconciliation
* Financial Risk Management
* Bank Statements Reconciliation
* Cash Flow Budgeting
* Cash Flow Forecasting and Planning
* Fraud Management
* Managing Electronic Payments
* Reviewing Financial Contracts

Payroll Services


Our team is experienced to providing professional outsourced payroll services. We have the capability to provide precise and on time payroll services, which are designed to meet your company’s requirements. We use reliable and flexible payroll program that offers comprehensive information on personal and salary details for the employees of your company.


* Data input into the payroll system
* Payroll Managing and Reporting
* Statistics for personal or salary information
* Payroll Tax obligations for each employee based on employee rosters
* Calculation of the compensation to be paid to employees in case of resignation 
* Budget Preparation for the fiscal year
* Preparation of monthly accruals for statutory and other annual bonuses
* Electronic files preparation and submission to the respective social security offices via the Internet

New Business Advisor


Whether you are a small business startup or a large organization that wants to establish business moving in a new direction, we can assist you with qualified advisory services. With us, you can identify opportunities at any stage of your financial life cycle, ensuring you continue to meet your business goals in complicated market environments.


* Selecting your entity type
* Establishing a financial system
* Budgeting and Cash Flow
* Establishing HR system
* Business Plan development
* Analyses and Reports

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